Children are encouraged to become reflective individuals who can work collaboratively with others.  Higher-order thinking is developed through meaningful and concrete situations, that motivate the children to develop their curiosity and creativity.
As students progress from the Early Years Sector to the Junior Sector, the transition is eased through a continuation of a Learning through play approach. As the year progresses, our learners are gradually introduced to more academic learning.

Our academic programme is based on both the Learning Outcome Framework*, as well as on a number of international curricula. Learning is differentiated, so that children of different and diverse abilities, can access the curriculum as equitably as possible.
* A framework of ten levels of achievement, first introduced in the draft National Curriculum Framework of 2010.

This Sector is also home to Performing Arts productions of a very high standard, where the disciplines of Drama, Music, and Dance come together to produce musicals and plays which expose the students’ artistic talent.  These productions are also an opportunity for children to develop a sense of community while working on self-expression, self-confidence, and individual personalities.