Mission Statement
At San Anton School, teaching and learning is our foremost priority. Through a broad-based curriculum, a bilingual approach and effective pedagogies, all stakeholders will work together to make of the school a place of self-discovery, nurture and growth. We will assist our teachers and students to become analytical, critical thinkers who can creatively apply their innate and acquired skills, knowledge and competencies to their fullest potential, shaping them into lifelong, confident learners.

We promote a school community where all members feel safe and accepted yet challenged to grow.   In all it does, San Anton School will promote high standards and expectations for students, administrators, educators and parents, who individually and collectively according to their diverse yet complementary roles, share in our common responsibility of advancing the school’s vision.
Vision Statement
An Antonian education recognises every child as a unique individual.  It aims for excellence; nurturing articulate, confident, proactive and responsible individuals through a thorough academic and holistic educational experience based on Catholic values within a co-educational, inclusive school community.
School Ethos
The type of school envisaged through the establishment of the Parents’ Foundation for Education (PFE) is enshrined in Article Seven of the school’s statutes. San Anton School was set up with a clear policy and a clear vision, intended to foster the best environment for the development of the child as a unique person so that he or she can eventually become an active and effective member of a society in whatever walk of life he or she inserts him/herself.
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A Truly Inspirational Setting

Located in Malta’s rural heart, in the tranquil valley of Imselliet on 22 tumoli of striking grounds, San Anton School offers an unparalleled countryside environment which is truly inspirational and which serves as the perfect canvas for inspired learning.