Old Antonians
Making Waves

The San Anton graduate is an articulate and confident individual who is creative and able to assess, analyse and apply knowledge. Our students are given the social, spiritual, emotional and academic tools they require for life and leave San Anton School with a desire to succeed and make a contribution to society that we can all be proud of.

The possibilities are as broad as our students’ aspirations!

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
"It's always hard to connect the dots at the time but looking back, I firmly believe that San Anton's physical location fostered a love and respect for nature inside me that only grew over time. Being nestled amongst the fields of Imselliet, rather than the busier central region was in fact a central part of my parent's decision making process . . . I'm somewhat biased to say that it paid off."

Andrew Schembri

Co-Founder of Zibel (a registered Voluntary Organisation and NGO with the aim of reducing the overall waste generated on our islands and restoring our natural environments to their most natural states.)

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“San Anton was instrumental in helping me acquire and develop the skills needed for an international career in Science. At the heart of San Anton’s success were its staff, whose commitment to instil core values of respect and appreciation towards each other and towards the natural environment helped shape the person I am today. San Anton also was a great social experience and many of my old classmates are still my best friends!”

Dr. Karl Attard

Assistant Professor in Marine Sciences at the Danish Institute for Advanced Study, Denmark.

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“As I look back at my time at San Anton school, I can definitely say that these were some of the best times of my life. San Anton truly taught me how to cope with basic responsibilities, work for what you want to achieve and instilled a sense of confidence and self belief which I carry with me to this day. Having the mentality that 'the world is your oyster' is something which I find in common with many fellow Old Antonians, and from my experience running FreeHour - this perspective is essential towards longer term success, especially in the business world.”

Zach Ciappara

Founder & CEO of Freehour

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my time at San Anton School where I had lots of fun and made lifelong friends. Dedicated teachers delivering the highest quality education and the importance given to all subjects equipped me with a vast range of skills and open mindset that prepared me for higher education. It gave me the confidence to achieve my goal of becoming an Aerodynamics Engineer after completing a doctorate in the subject and eventually transitioning to a broader role working as a Project Manager, responsible for the delivery of the next Range Rover models.”

Dr. Lara Schembri

Aerodynamics Engineer and Project Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, United Kingdom

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“I believe that growing up being aware that my school was a Parents Foundation school, had a fundamental impact on me. I saw and felt what happens when a group of people come together to build something based on their values, to address a gap in what was available at the time. That awareness was very empowering and instilled in me that if you believe in what you want, even if there isn't a clear path of how to get it, it is possible.”

Rebecca Cremona


- Directors Guild of America Jury Prize

- EMMY honourable mention

- First Oscar submission for Malta

- Mannheim- Heidelberg Special Achievement Award

- Midalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika 2020

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“San Anton provided us with a wonderful balance between academics, sports and recreation, and this opportunity to celebrate achievements outside the classroom is what I believe gave me a firm foundation in my personal life and the confidence to progress successfully in my career. Furthermore, my teachers recognised the academic path I was likely to take and fully supported me on my journey."

Dean Gera

Entrepreneur and Managing Director, Dean Gera Salons

Zach Ciappara - Founder & CEO of Freehour
“San Anton School helped me by teaching me the skills and tools which I have grown to appreciate in life, as well as using them and knowing their value. What I learnt throughout my time at San Anton undoubtedly left an imprint on who I am today, and on how far I’ve come ever since. Ultimately, it was during that period in my life when the aspirations and ambitions being instilled in me would gift me with the passion and inspiration that I still keep with me till this day.”

Jacob Callus

Neurodivergence Advocate