Young Athletes excel in the National Championship Malta Athletics Meeting

May 24, 2023

Twenty one of our young athletes coached by San Anton Athletics Coach, Mr. Vladimir Dushenkov, participated in the National Championship Malta Athletics Meeting, competing against other young athletes at the Marsa Track, over the weekend, winning 17 medals!

Well done to all who participated and achieved good results, but most especially to the following students Junior and Senior Sector Students.

Martina Gouder   Gold     Relay 4 x100m

                            Silver    Shot Put

                            Bronze 100m

VIvien Vasiljevic  Gold     Relay 4 x 100m

                            Bronze  High Jump

                            Bronze  Long Jump

Sofia G. Ventura  Gold      Relay 4 x 100m

Sofia Azzopardi   Gold      Relay 4 x 100m

Adam Zerafa       Silver      Shot Put

                            Silver      Relay 4 x 100m

Harry D. Kissaun  Silver     Relay 4 x 100m

Zachary Zammit  Silver      Relay 4 x 100m

Nick Camilleri      Silver      Relay 4 x  100m

Amit Guivisdalski Gold      Overhead Throw

Sam Depasquale Silver      Ball Throw

Michela Camilleri Silver     Overhead Throw

Thomas Muscat   Bronze  1000m

All the participating athletes follow the San Anton Athlete Programme as part of their curriculum.

Super well done to all. You make us proud!

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