Students attend Maths Programme for Gifted and Talented Students

May 22, 2023

In the pursuit of academic excellence, it is crucial to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of students who demonstrate exceptional aptitude and interest in specific subjects. Grade 11 (Form 4) students Daniel Buttigieg, Luisa Borg, and Laura Camilleri Cassano have recently showcased their remarkable talents in Mathematics.

These students participated in a series of four extra-curricular mathematics activities designed for gifted and talented individuals, organized by the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes during the current Scholastic Year.

The four intensive sessions aimed to provide a platform for students with a keen interest and aptitude in mathematics. Through their exceptional performance in the subject and their school's recognition, Daniel, Luisa, and Laura were chosen to participate in these enriching activities. This opportunity not only allowed them to further explore their mathematical potential but also provided a nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded peers.

These intensive activities went beyond the regular classroom curriculum, challenging the students with advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques. The program aimed to encourage critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creative problem-solving skills, all of which are vital for success in the field of mathematics.

Upon successful completion of all four sessions, Daniel, Luisa, and Laura were awarded certificates of participation, recognising their commitment and accomplishments.

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