Sharks and Coral Reefs

March 21, 2024

Well done to our Grade 5 Sea Creatures! 

Their amazing performances during this morning’s demos of 'Sharks' and 'Coral Reef', two original productions masterfully crafted by our talented Ms. Chiara, in alignment with our Community Engagement Programme theme, SEA Our Future, left us spellbound.

A heartfelt salute also goes to our behind-the-scenes maestros: Ms. Chiara Hyzler for her innovative scripts, Ms. Amanda Vella Laurenti for her choreography, Ms. Michela Galea for musical direction and lyric adaptation, Ms. Jackie Fenech for her innovative set design, Ms Janine Muscat for the headpieces and Mr. Matthew Vella for his work on lights and setup.

Their combined efforts provided a wonderful morning of marine inspiration.

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