SEA Our Future Open Day

March 11, 2024

Today we warmly welcomed our San Anton parent community to our annual Open Day, providing them with firsthand experience to witness and applaud the remarkable creative endeavors of our students. It served as a true testament to their ongoing and inspiring learning journey.

The event unfolded as an enriching multi-disciplinary, hands-on feast, showcasing the diverse talents and achievements of our students.

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to the dedicated educators and the immensely talented students who collaborated to curate an outstanding exhibition of their work.

This showcase not only highlighted the creativity of our students but also seamlessly captured the essence of this year's overarching theme for the San Anton Community Engagement Programme—SEA our Future.

The exhibition successfully imparted invaluable lessons of ocean literacy to our young learners, aligning with our commitment to holistic education, where a common theme united all sectors of our school, as part of the school's 35th anniversary activities.

The resounding success of this unified theme reinforces our belief that our seas are indeed in good hands, thanks to the dedication and passion of our students.

A special acknowledgment goes out to all the NGOs that collaborated with us, contributing to the collective success of the event.

Your unwavering support and collaborative efforts make us exceptionally proud, underscoring the impact of community partnerships in fostering meaningful education and engagement.

Hats off to everyone involved in making this event another resounding success!

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