SEA Our Future: A Human Library Experience

January 16, 2024

Aligned with this year's theme for our Community Engagement Programme, our Grade 4 and 5 students enthusiastically participated in a Human Library event featuring insights from five experts in diverse fields related to the sea. This immersive experience was a key component of our project-based learning approach, spearheaded by the Pedagogical and Curriculum Consultant, Mr. Heathcliff Schembri.

Throughout the morning, our eager learners had the unique opportunity to engage with and learn from five experts who shared their concerns about various aspects of the sea. These experts included Andrew Schembri Żibel, who discussed ghost nets in our seas, Patrizia Patti from  Ecomarine, addressing the challenges dolphins encounter, Pat Mason and her team from SharkLab delving into why sharks are endangered, Dr. Patricia Vella De Fremeaux exploring the human face of the sea with a focus on migration, Thais Amaral highlighting the beauty of the ocean, and Mr. Alessio Marrone from the University of Malta  shedding light on the blue crab as an alien species in our seas.

Simultaneously, Grade 7 students showcased their research on sea-related issues. They presented both problems and potential solutions to their younger peers. The day before, Mr. Schembri conducted a staff professional development session, offering valuable guidance on scaffolding students' thinking and nurturing their curiosity, with a focus on honoring their voices. Teachers were equipped with strategies to map out student-selected problems and plan their curriculum around them.

The Grade 7 presentations covered a range of topics, including the effect of pollution on marine life, pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, the impact of climate change on the sea, water conservation, and Maltese marine life.

The students actively participated, demonstrating their attentiveness by asking relevant questions. To further enhance their engagement, students were provided with feedback sheets to help them identify the sea-related issues that intrigued them the most. This valuable feedback will guide them in selecting a specific problem to focus on. Once the focus (problem) is identified, their educators will strategically plan curriculum integration across subjects, ensuring a cross-curricular approach.

By delving into real-life situations, students will feel empowered to read, research, and seek practical solutions, fostering critical, creative, and active global citizenship.

In the evening, Mr. Schembri led a parent workshop designed to enlighten parents about their child's learning process. In this hands-on session, Mr. Heath skilfully guided parents through an exploration of the methodology initiated during the Human Library event.

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