Science Fair - SEA Our Future

November 28, 2023

Last Thursday, the Senior Sector Science Wing was a hive of activity, as our school proudly hosted the Grade 9 Science Fair.

As part of this year's Community Social Engagement Programme, the event served as a vibrant display showcasing 28 investigative projects all centered around the theme "SEA Our Future."

Each participating student passionately presented their research question, methods, and discoveries to an eager audience comprising parents and fellow students.

The lead-up to this event was an educational journey for these young minds, delving deep into the significance of preserving our seas. Through the exploration of marine ecosystems and the development of strategies to combat oceanic challenges, these budding scientists were immersed in critical and creative thinking.

Collaborating in teams, they not only gained self-assurance but also contributed significantly to their personal and social growth. Their confident presentation of findings to visitors marked this as an invaluable learning experience.

The spectrum of projects was as diverse as it was intriguing, covering topics ranging from the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Geology to Underwater Turbine Exploration and the Effects of Pesticides on our Oceans, among others.

A panel of esteemed judges, including Old Antonian Andrew Schembri, co-founder of ZIBEL NGO, Jasmine Mifsud from Zibel, Mr. Des Cini from Esplora, and Ms. Jackie Fenech, Teacher of Art, presided over the event. Additionally, Grade 7 students joined in the spirit of the theme, showcasing their own scientific projects.

This gathering aimed not only to foster a sense of accomplishment through inquiry-based learning but also to ignite a passion for further scientific pursuits among the students.

The pinnacle of the event came during the awards ceremony held in the library. Before announcing the winning teams, the event was enriched with STEAM integration. A group of Grade 9 students mesmerized the audience with a poignant dance performance choreographed by Ms. Elaine, vividly portraying the dire effects of plastic pollution on our oceans.

Max Kitcher and Tina Mifsud, members of the student council, took the stage, delivering insightful presentations. Max passionately emphasized the crucial need to preserve our seas, shedding light on the urgency for action. Meanwhile, Tina skillfully navigated through the scientific processes involved in the fair's projects, offering valuable insights to the audience. Their presentations added depth and resonance to the event.

The judges, acknowledging the exceptional quality of the young scientists' investigations, shared commendations and encouraged their unwavering pursuit of inquiry.

The winners were announced amidst anticipation and celebration:

1st Place:
Sieve Our Seas and Butt-it Out
Emilia Sant, Faye Busuttil, Michelle Soler, Sienna Sammut
Prizes included trophies sponsored by Zibel, a Dive Taster Session with Zibel, Science Kits sponsored by Levo Labs, and Tickets to Esplora along with Esplora Gift Packs.

2nd Place:
Subcurrent: Underwater Turbine Exploration
Carlo Farrugia Pace, Michael Wilson, Timothy Rizzo Naudi
They received Science Kits sponsored by Levo Labs, Tickets to Esplora, and Esplora gift bags.

3rd Place:
Microfibre Washing Machine Filter
Alexander Bianchi, Ella Frendo, Mikela Ventura, Luke Mifsud
Their prizes included Science Kits sponsored by Levo Labs, Tickets to Esplora, and Esplora gift bags.

Additionally, accolades were given to the Best Classes:
Best Class:
Ms. Sheryl’s Class Grade 9.1/2
Earning a Virtual Reality Ghost Net Dive with Zibel and tickets to the Malta National Aquarium.

2nd Class:
Ms. Sheryl's Class Grade 9.3/4/5

3rd Class:
Mr. Daniel’s Class Grade 9.3/4/5

Heartiest congratulations go out to all the winning students and their teachers, as well as the entire Science Team.

A special note of gratitude extends to Żibel, Levo Laboratory Services, Malta National Aquarium, and Esplora Interactive Science Centre for their invaluable support and contribution to this enriching event.

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