San Martin Walk

November 10, 2023

Blessed by glorious sunshine, our famous San Martin Walk unfolded this morning, defying the initial rain forecast.

This day holds great anticipation in our school calendar. Students, accompanied by educators, staff, and parents, embarked on age-appropriate sponsored walks or picnics to the San Martin Caves and the picturesque countryside nearby.

The San Martin Walk stands as a wonderful testament to our cherished school traditions, encapsulating the true essence of San Anton School life. It goes beyond a mere excursion, creating a tapestry of lasting memories for all involved.

The day not only celebrated the beauty of our surroundings but also fostered a sense of community, bringing together students, teachers, staff, and parents in a shared experience.

Moments like these, define the vibrant spirit of our school and contribute to the rich tapestry of memories that students carry with them throughout their lives.

Here's to the success of the San Martin Walk and the continuation of such meaningful traditions that make our school community truly special.

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