Professional Development Day

November 15, 2023

Today's Senior Sector Professional Development day delved deeply into the pivotal topic of Assessments. With the implementation of the New Assessment Model, the landscape of teaching, learning, and evaluation is rapidly transforming, moving towards a realm where continuous assessments play a central role. This shift calls for innovative approaches in assessing student learning, customising instruction, and offering constructive feedback, fostering an environment where teachers can tap into their innate creativity.

Staff dedicated time to connect with like-minded educators, share experiences, and learn from each other during collaborative workshops and interactive sessions, whilst engaging in thought-provoking discussions

The essence of this Professional Development day was to gather fresh perspectives that could serve as catalysts, inspiring and empowering teaching and learning through a diverse array of shared viewpoints.

This enriching day culminated in a team-building session, fostering unity and synergy among the staff.

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