Open Day 2023

March 28, 2023

After weeks of preparation, our 2023 Open Day was held on Tuesday, 28th March.

It was so heartwarming to be able to welcome parents and grandparents once again to this much-awaited event after an absence of four long years.

Throughout the morning, parents were invited to class to view the incredible work and projects that the children have been working on with their educators, with most impressive results. It was wonderful to see the pride and excitement on their faces as they welcomed their families to class and explained their work.

From colourful artwork and crafts, to creative writing pieces, beautiful displays, science experiments, and presentations, the children and their educators truly showed off their talent and hard work.  Their creativity shone through, via their beautiful displays and costumes related to their respective themes.

From World War 2 scenes and the Pyramids of Egypt, to Medieval Banquets and Fairytales, the corridors and classrooms were transformed into a visual feast.

This annual event provides the perfect platform to showcase the students' work, projects, and activities as part of their holistic learning experience at school.

Each year, a variety of activities that differ in scope and content, creatively reflect the curriculum, throughout the various grades.

Super well done to all educators and students for making this year's Open Day another memorable success.

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