Junior Sector Students raise a whopping €1600 for Puttinu Cares as part of our Children for Children campaign

March 21, 2023

Following last December's Expression of Interest to our Junior Sector students, 13 groups of budding entrepreneurs and talented crafters rose to the occasion and made crafts in their free time, in order to raise money for Puttinu Cares as part of this year`s Children for Children campaign.

The students met up to produce their crafts, coming up with group names, logos, promotional posters and all that creating a business and product entails and sold their wares to their fellow Junior Sector students during break time, raising €1600 for Puttinu Cares!

Through this activity, our students learnt the basics of starting a business, such as identifying a need, developing a product, setting prices, and marketing. They also learnt valuable skills in problem-solving, time management and team work.

Additionally, our young entrepreneurs also got to experience the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from knowing they have helped others through their efforts, fostering a lifelong commitment to giving back to the community.

By combining the principles of altruism and entrepreneurship, they developed important life skills and socially-responsible mindsets.

Super well-done Kids! You make us super proud.

The brainchild of the late Dr. Sandro Spiteri, the San Anton School Community Social Engagement Programme brings the school community together to give back to society, through annual charitable initiatives.

With educational links across all sectors of the School, this holistic programme encourages social-emotional learning by developing empathy and caring for others and fosters socially responsible mindsets.  

The theme for this scholastic year is Children for Children and through a number of initiatives throughout the year, we are supporting Puttinu Cares.          

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