Imsielet fl-Imselliet Art Project

June 24, 2024

Our stunning outdoor sculpture installations are ready, enhancing the approach to the school and its outdoor areas with vibrant colour and interest. This collaborative project, led by our Art teaching team in partnership with professional sculptor Stephan Priehyba, draws inspiration from the flora and fauna of the neighbouring Imselliet Valley, exploring the intricate relationship between nature and art.

Students actively participated in a hands-on learning experience, sketching and designing the sculptures, thereby showcasing their creativity. These ceramic pieces, created by our students and fired at Bristow Potteries, have been assembled by Priehyba into large-scale sculptures.

The striking sculpture by the school gates features an interpretation of a prickly pear, a wonderful team effort by Art option students in Grades 10, 11, and 12. Each student contributed to the project by working on a bark base, a few leaves, some fruit, the Opuntia flower, and various insects, which was also linked to a School Based Assessment. The project highlighted a sense of diversity, with each piece being unique and different, just like the students themselves.

Another beautiful installation, nestled among the trees, features the Junior Sector students' portrayal of tree trunks surrounded by a pond, insects, and animals for current and future generations to enjoy.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta.

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