Grade 9 Science Fair

April 28, 2023

On Friday 28th April 2023, excitement was palpable in the Senior Sector Science Wing, as the school hosted the Grade 9 Science Fair, marking its return after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The event showcased 28 investigative projects on the topic of Climate Change, with each student presenting their research question, methods, and findings to their parents and other students.

The preparations leading up to the event have not only helped these young scientists to understand the scientific concepts behind Climate Change but also to think critically and creatively. Working in teams, students have gained self-confidence and contributed to their personal and social development, making this a valuable learning experience.

The projects covered a range of fascinating topics, including Air Pollution Distribution, Dissolved Oxygen vs Temperature, and the link between the rise in temperature and sea level, among others.

The judging panel was comprised of four esteemed guests: Mr. Alan Pulis, Chemistry and Environmental Studies Educator, and Sixth Form Head of Department; Old Antonian Andrew Schembri, co-founder of ZIBEL NGO; and Old Antonians and medical students Nicholas Galea and Adriel Camilleri, former and current MMSA Presidents, respectively.

Education Officer Mr. Mario Muscat and Mr. Vince Attard from Nature Trust also visited the fair.

This event's aim is to foster a sense of self-achievement through inquiry-based learning and encourage students to pursue further studies in the scientific field.

The winners were announced as follows:

1st place

Investigating whether recycled CDs/DVDs can be used together with solar cells to convert more light energy into electrical energy.

Bianca Micallef Grimaud, Kay Agius Cabourdin, Berta Cristiano and Sophie Vella


2nd place

Creating plastic from milk.

Jean Azzopardi, Francesca Curmi and Max Grima


3rd place

I’m trying to breathe here!

Dissolved Oxygen vs Temperature

Luke Spiteri Cefai, Lara Bonello, Beppe Lautier and Liana Lukina


Best Class

Ms. Sheryl Grade 9.3/9.4/9.5

2nd best class


Ms. Paula Grade 9.1/ 9.2

The top two classes will be participating in a turtle release activity, releasing turtles Nina and Yosu previously adopted via Nature Trust Malta

Congratulations to all the winning students and their teachers.

Well done to all the students and we would also like to express our gratitude to all the Grade 9 Science Teachers, Lab Technicians, and Head of the Science Department for their contributions in making this event possible.

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