Grade 10 Astronomy Night

October 23, 2023

Last Friday evening, our Science department hosted their annual Astronomy Night that left our Grade 10 Physics students both educated and entertained. The evening began with a series of informative presentations on the Universe and the Solar System, essential topics in the Matsec Syllabus. These presentations were skillfully delivered by Ms. Clarissa, Ms. Elaine, Mr. John, Ms. Rebecca, and Mr. Daniel.

After these presentations, our students were treated to traditional giant cookies and hot chocolate. This tasty break set the stage for an engaging discussion on stars and black holes led by Dr. Josef Borg, a member of the Astronomical Society of Malta. Our students were captivated by Dr. Borg's insights and actively participated by asking thought-provoking questions.

Following this, it was time for the much-anticipated observation session. We were fortunate to have two high-quality telescopes generously loaned by Dr. Borg and Mr. Connor Sant Fournier from the Astronomical Society. This allowed our young astronomers to get up close and personal with celestial wonders. Students were split into groups, taking turns between the observation sessions and an astronomy-themed scavenger hunt thoughtfully created by Ms. Paula, Ms. Ilenia, and Ms. Rebecca.

Indoors, our Science Labs buzzed with activity as an exciting Space Challenge unfolded, guided by Ms. Elaine and Ms. Clarissa. In this challenge, students conducted experiments with different materials to investigate properties like density, conductivity, magnetism, and impact resistance. Their goal was to determine the most suitable material for satellite construction, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of outer space.

The evening's climax was the Space Hat Challenge, where students displayed their creativity by crafting imaginative space-themed headgear. To everyone's surprise, our Science teachers joined in on the fun, showcasing their own imaginative space hats.

These activities were carefully designed to foster our students' natural curiosity through hands-on, interactive experiences that improve their observation, integration, and inference skills. Such experiences serve as a catalyst for cultivating a deep interest in the field of Science.

The success of Astronomy Night wouldn't have been possible without the enthusiastic dedication and tireless efforts of our exceptional Science team who make learning enjoyable and memorable for our students.

We eagerly anticipate more events that kindle the passion for science in the hearts of our students and encourage them to explore the wonders of the cosmos.

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