Foundation Day Celebration

June 18, 2023

Last Tuesday evening, the San Anton School community gathered to commemorate the School's foundation day, coinciding with the feast of our esteemed patron saint, St. Anthony.

The evening commenced with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Oliver Borg Olivier, which was animated by the enchanting musical performances of Mr. Marvic and Ms. Janice, creating an atmosphere of reverence and harmony. It was a truly uplifting experience for everyone in attendance.

Following the Mass, our esteemed Head of School, Ms. Bernadette Stivala, along with the School Board Chairperson, Mr. Nicky Camilleri, took the podium to acknowledge and honour the dedicated members of our staff who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and loyalty to San Anton School throughout the years. The continuous service awards were presented, recognising their remarkable contributions to our educational community.

The festivities continued as the attendees had the opportunity to indulge in refreshments while appreciating the impressive Art Exhibition in the foyer. The exhibition showcased the remarkable artwork created by our talented students, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity and artistic skills. The vibrant displays captivated the audience, providing a glimpse into the imaginative minds of our students.

Meanwhile, the Early Years sector celebrated a number of projects worked upon throughout the scholastic year by the students and their teachers through the Emergent Curriculum.

This event not only brought us together in celebration but also emphasised the importance of recognising and appreciating the remarkable contributions of our staff and students.

With such incredible moments of unity and inspiration, we look forward to the continued growth and success of San Anton School in the years to come.

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