Exploring Seagrass with Dr Karl Attard

May 3, 2024

Today we welcomed Dr. Karl Attard, a distinguished marine biologist and Old Antonian as a guest speaker for our SEA Our Future project. Dr. Attard, currently serving as an Associate Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark, graced us with his expertise and insights into the mesmerising world beneath the waves.

Leading the LUMEN research group, Dr. Attard specializes in the study of the photic seafloor, focusing on the distribution and productivity of light-dependent organisms. His expertise in this field provided our Grade 11 Biology and Environmental Studies students with a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate ecosystems of Underwater Forests and Posidonia during an engaging session.

Prior to Dr. Attard's visit, students were tasked with researching the biology, threats, and conservation efforts surrounding seagrass. This preparatory work not only enriched their understanding but also set the stage for interactive discussions and presentations during the session.

Drawing from his extensive overseas studies and research expeditions, Dr. Attard shared captivating insights, including his experiences in Greenland and Antarctica. These anecdotes left the students spellbound, offering a glimpse into the challenges and wonders of marine exploration.

One highlight of the session was the introduction of an Aquatic Eddy Covariance device, a groundbreaking equipment co-developed by Dr. Attard. This innovative device allows for the measurement of oxygen levels produced or absorbed by the seafloor, providing valuable data for understanding marine ecosystems. Witnessing the device in action firsthand added a new dimension to the students' learning experience.

In addition to his scientific contributions, Dr. Attard took a moment to honour the memory of the late Ms. Maggie Borg, an esteemed educator and environmental activist. Ms. Borg's influence played a significant role inigniting Dr. Attard's passion for environmentalism, and his acknowledgment served as a touching tribute to her legacy.

As former students, witnessing Dr. Attard's achievements and his ascent to prominence in the scientific community abroad was truly inspiring. His visit not only expanded our knowledge but also instilled a sense of pride in our school's role in nurturing talent and fostering a passion for environmental stewardship.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from his experiences and look forward to continuing our journey toward a more sustainable future, guided by his inspiring example.


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