Emergent Curriculum Workshops for Early Years Parents

January 18, 2023

The Early Years Sector has just concluded a series of hands-on, engaging, evening parental workshops on its Emergent Curriculum approach, led by Mr. Heathcliff Schembri, a leading educationalist and a Senior Lecturer in Early Years at the Institute of Community Services at MCAST.

Mr. Schembri has been working closely with our Early Years teaching teams and leaders and is conducting a research study on the sector's application of an Emergent Curriculum.

The Emergent Curriculum approach is a philosophy that promotes experiential learning by eliciting the children’s interests and working around these interests for individual and collective celebrations of learning.

As our partners in their child’s education, San Anton parents had the opportunity to learn all about this approach being adopted in their children`s classes and participated in hands-on group tasks.  This enabled them to understand and appreciate this concept, to further support their children’s learning journey.

"It is wonderful to see our parent community so engaged in learning more about the Emergent Curriculum approach. This is a philosophy that we believe in and follow, that allows us to work hand in hand as a team, keeping the child at the centre of the teaching and learning process," commented Ms. Nicky Azzopardi, Head of Early Years about the workshops.


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