April Professional Development Day

April 8, 2024

And we're back after the Easter break with a Professional Development Day, aligning with our school's unwavering dedication to the continuous growth and enrichment of our academic staff.

The day saw active participation from academic staff members across all three sectors, engaging in a variety of workshops facilitated by both internal experts and distinguished external professionals.

Highlights included "An Inclusive Classroom" workshop, jointly led by our Head of School, Ms. Bernadette Stivala, and our Educational Psychologist Ms. Natasha Barthet, catering to all sectors.

In another engaging session, our Early Years Teaching teams delved into "Emotional Regulation Strategies for Effective Teaching, Learning, and Wellbeing," led by leading expert in Education Neuroscience, Dr. Erika Galea. This workshop provided educators with invaluable insights into the significance of emotional regulation in fostering academic, social, and behavioral skills among children. This led them to gain practical tools rooted in neuroscience to effectively promote emotional regulation in both students and themselves.

Dr. James Calleja, a senior lecturer specialising in professional learning and educator development, conducted a wrap-up session on a previous co-teaching experience with Grades 2 and 3.

Additionally, Ms. Marianna Sultana conducted a session on Restorative Practices tailored for Junior Sector educators, while Executive Coach Dr. Elaine Dutton led a Leadership training session for our Senior Sector Heads of Department.

Meanwhile our Emotional Wellbeing Team were engaged in a session on Eating Disorders led by experts from Dar il-Kenn.

With minds enriched and spirits rejuvenated, we eagerly anticipate the return of our students for Term 3 tomorrow, ready to implement the insights gained from this enriching day of professional development.

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