Administration Professional Development Day

January 5, 2024

Today, our Administrative team returned to school after the  Christmas break for a morning dedicated to professional development and skill enhancement.

To foster a culture of holistic wellbeing, the team engaged in an engaging workshop centered on stress management techniques and nurturing mental wellbeing. Facilitated by an external practitioner, this session aimed to equip everyone with valuable tools to navigate challenges and maintain a balanced approach amidst their responsibilities.

Following this insightful session, Ian Deguara, our IT Manager, led a useful tutorial aimed at enhancing our technological proficiency. With an emphasis on upskilling, the tutorial provided invaluable insights into leveraging technology effectively within our administrative framework.

Our Data Manager, Carol Cortis, then updated the team on the latest updates of various school policies., ensuring alignment and adherence to essential protocols.

This morning session encapsulated a diverse spectrum of learning experiences, underscoring our commitment to continual growth and excellence within our administrative team.

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