A Journey to Neverland

May 18, 2023

At San Anton School, we take great pride in nurturing and showcasing the incredible talents of our students. The dedication and expertise of our Performing Arts professionals combined with the remarkable abilities of our students have resulted in performances of the highest calibre. Over the past two nights, our school hosted a series of exceptional events, and on the second night, the spotlight was on our Grade 7 students as they transported the audience to Neverland with their outstanding performance of the musical "Peter Pan Jr." It was an evening that truly marked the culmination of their Junior Sector years and demonstrated their ability to shine as superstars.

The air was thick with anticipation as the curtains rose, revealing a breathtaking set that brought the world of Peter Pan to life. The Grade 7 students embraced their roles with passion and delivered an unforgettable performance that left the audience captivated from start to finish. Through their stellar acting, melodious singing, and energetic dance routines, they transported us to the enchanting world of Neverland, where dreams take flight and imagination knows no bounds.

Behind every successful production lies a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to bring the vision to life.

We extend our utmost appreciation to Ms. Chiara Hyzler for her exceptional production, Ms. Amanda Vella Laurenti for choreography, Ms. Janice Debattista for her musical direction, and Ms. Claire Borg for the backdrops. Their dedication and expertise is truly commendable and we wholeheartedly applaud these remarkable individuals who poured their passion and skill into creating yet another unforgettable musical experience.

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