35 Years of San Anton School

June 17, 2024

On the evening of June 13, 2024, the San Anton School community gathered to commemorate a dual celebration: the school's 35th anniversary and the feast day of its patron saint, St. Anthony. This significant event brought together trustees, current and former board members, heads of school, students, staff, parents, and alumni, all united in their pride and affection for the school.

The celebration began with a Holy Mass, co-celebrated by School Chaplains Fr. Christopher Caruana and Fr. Oliver Borg Olivier. The service was a spiritual cornerstone of the evening, beautifully animated by the newly formed student choir under the expert guidance of educators Ms. Michela Galea and Ms. Christiana Farrugia. Their harmonious voices added a sacred ambiance to the gathering, enhancing the communal sense of gratitude and reflection.

Following the Mass, the audience was moved by a heartfelt and inspiring speech from founding parent Dr. Max Ganado. Dr. Ganado's address revisited the pioneering beginnings of San Anton School, reminding everyone of the values and ethos that have shaped the institution. His words served not only as a reflection on the past but also as a beacon guiding the future, reinforcing the school's commitment to learning and community.

Head of School Ms. Bernadette Stivala, alongside School Board Deputy Chairperson Prof. Alexiei Dingli, presented continuous service awards to various long-serving staff members. This gesture underscored the school's appreciation for the dedication and hard work of its staff, whose contributions have been instrumental in the school's growth and success over the years.

The celebration continued with refreshments and various art exhibits showcasing the creative talents of San Anton students.

The 35th anniversary celebration was more than just a milestone; it was a reaffirmation of San Anton School's enduring legacy and its bright future. The evening successfully reunited key figures from the school's early days, bridging the gap between the past and present. It was a memorable occasion, highlighting the strong community bonds that define San Anton School.

As the night came to a close, there was a palpable sense of unity and pride among all attendees. The celebration not only honoured the rich history of San Anton School but also celebrated the promising future that lies ahead.

Here's to many more years of growth, learning, and community at San Anton School!

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