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An unexpected downpour in the middle of a field study whilst still in Grade 10 ( Form 3) inspired students James Scicluna and Christina Pisani to sit down and write a report entitled – The Rubble Trouble.

The sea in the area where James and Christina were conducting the study turned red, making it reminiscent of a biblical version of the Nile River.

Clearly, makeshift blocks of limestone together with miniature palm trees are not sustainable substitutes to our traditional rubble walls which curb soil erosion and stop precious top soil being carried on a one way journey to the sea by rain water. An excellent piece of reportage was submitted to a YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) competition to compete on national as well as on international levels and the students could not believe their eyes when, some time later, EKO Skola co-ordinator Ms Audrey Gauci emailed them the results.

Not only did the San Anton School team managed to secure the local top prize but it also won the prestigious Super International Award.

On the 27th of November 2011, James and Christina were invited to the Award Ceremony which was held at St.Benedict School, Kirkop.

The winning article was read out before a hall full of students and a number of distinguished guests including the Minister of Tourism, Mario Demarco, who highlighted a number of points from this article in his speech. He wholly agreed with the arguments raised in the students’ report in which they stated that rubble walls not only form an integral part of our National heritage, but they also have a number of practical and necessary uses – and in their absence, soil and the numerous organisms that live in such habitats are being seriously affected.

James and Christina received a certificate naming them as the winners of the investigative journalism write-up, in addition to local and international trophies which made them and their school extremely proud of such an achievement.

Click here to view the certificate.

Click here to view the winning report.


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